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"We fell pigtails over T-Rex tails in bestie LOVE."

ABOUT Naomi & Tonia

You know those friends who come around once in a lifetime? The ones who just get you, and love you for it? Those friends who you can cry with, travel with, dream with, and, most importantly laugh with?


Well, Naomi and Tonia are those friends times a million. They met in an online business program, and soon after fell pigtails over t-rex tails in bestie love. Whether it’s floating down rivers on inflatable unicorns, riding miniature merry-go-rounds, wearing cat-ear headbands, prancing around as lady dinos, directing ridiculous and simultaneously amazing photoshoots, being friends with stuffies of all sizes, doing adult crafts, or planning silly adventures and epic days of child-like fun, these two have one head plan in mind: having fun and laughing their butts off.


More laughter is more gooder.


As is inevitable in any relationship, it’s time for Naomi and Tonia to make theirs public. They’ve been selfish long enough. From now on they promise to share their antics for a sole soul purpose: To Maximize Your Happiness.


Welcome to Peachy-Boo. We hope you enJOY yourself. And tell all your friends.


More happy people is more gooder.


Caution: If you ever find yourself driving behind them on one of their raucous road trips, don’t follow too close. They are known to slam on their brakes to check out neato things, not wanting to let any fun experience pass them by.

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