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FAQ - (Funnily Asked Questions)

What the fluff is Peachy-Boo?

Peachy-Boo is made up of two fun-loving humans, who can’t keep their laughter to themselves anymore. Peachy-Boo has one mission: to maximize YOUR happiness. If you dig it then check out our videos on Youtube. And share them. And talk to your friends about them. And watch them with your friends. And then laugh. And then repeat. All the days.

Does Peachy-Boo contain fluff?

If you consider filming silly antics and ridiculous adventures for the purpose of making other people happy, FLUFF  ...... 

then YES.

Where does Peachy-Boo grow?

On Vancouver Island typically. But soon to be harvested from lands of adventure near you.

Can you buy Peachy-Boo at the grocery store?

Not yet. But if you check out our videos you’ll soon be able to buy funky Peachy-Boo wear and other cool stuff.

What is the daily recommended dose of Peachy-Boo?

Infinite. Never stop shoving us into your ear holes and eye holes.

Is Peachy-Boo Organic?

We’re not certified. But we’re all natural. Except when we wear vinyl Dino costumes.

Is this about butts?

Instagram hashtags might lead you to think this is about butts. Our actual Youtube channel might lead you to think this is NOT about butts. Unless somehow they are funny and we’re filming said butts being funny. Hmmm.. You might have just given us a new segment idea.

Is this about ghosts?

Yes! We mean, it's SCARY how funny we are.

Who is Peachy and Who is Boo?

Well… Tonia and Naomi both want to be Boo but Naomi called shotgun on it.

But Tonia… we mean Peachy... wants a recount.

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