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Peachy & Boo go to Salt Spring Island

Have you ever been on a quest? A noble adventure for a worthwhile cause? Only to find that you can’t actually locate what it is you’re looking for?

Well... that was us. Peachy and Boo on our road trip last Saturday.

You see it went like this: Boo: Wanna go have an adventure this weekend? Peachy: I have a baby shower to go to.

A couple days later the idea spun around again. Peachy: The baby shower got canceled. Boo: Hello adventure!!

Then a couple days after that: Boo: I’m still considering the trip tomorrow! Peachy: Oh! Are we still in the consideration phase? Boo: Actually we have to work in the backyard. No trip.

Wah wah.

Then the next morning while Peachy was making a banana cake (why not a peach cake? Who knows!) for breakfast, she FINALLY checked her phone for the first time that day to see a STRING of messages to the tune of: Boo: We’re almost there... are you coming??? Peachy: Oh sh@t! Okay! I’m not showered or showering.

Well.. what a flurry of putting on pants that was!

And the cake! Yikes! Gladly it was safely removed from the oven just in time. Peachy and her pants made it to the rendezvous spot and the silly trio boarded their boat which took them to an exotic little island.

Back to the quest. At some point driving around said little island, Peachy saw the best sign she’d ever seen. GELATO!!

After a farmers’ and crafters’ market stroll, a playground ride on a super cool sliding horse thingy that turned into a somewhat creepy cuddly lullaby, amidst screaming children (probably also on quests of their own), a spontaneous puppet show, some sentimental haikus, they set off on their gadget-assisted quest for gelato.

Peachy: Hey Siri, where is the Gelato? Siri: Retrieving pictures of a jello mold. Peachy: Siri! I said GELATO!!! Siri: More pictures of jelly molds. Peachy: Screw you Siri! We are going rogue! Fitting right into the local culture, Peachy put her phone on airplane mode, took off her pants, and declared she was now OFF GRID! (That may or may not be completely accurate).

Hey Google? Where is the Gelato? Google: I’m not telling!! (It literally took them to TWO different empty buildings).

Cutting their losses, they decided to take a lymphatic massage (aka very bumpy) ride up a mountain. Guess what? There was no gelato up there either. Cool effing clouds though!!

And finally, they figured it out. The gelato was inside them all along.

Well, what actually happened was they realized the sign Peachy saw was only visible from the driving perspective, but not the walking one.

Also, the gelato was hiding inside a chocolate shop. They made it there and put the gelato inside them (Or was it there all along?)

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