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And around and around we go...

Sometimes you can plan fun. And sometimes you can’t. You know those spontaneous things that just make you laugh? And laugh? And laugh? And laugh, laugh, laugh, laugh? For a long time after those things end?

We LOVE those moments.

Thankfully for Us (Peachy, Boo, and hopefully for you too) we OFTEN create those ridiculous moments that are so funny that we’ve considered getting rid of our AB Roller because our muscles are rock hard, and have plowed through an entire box of tissue with our laughy tears. True stories. Shifty eyes. We can’t back that up.

There have been so many of those moments since we fell pigtails over T-rex tails in bestie love, that we eventually said, “You know? I bet other people will find this funny too.”

If only there was an online platform to host videos. Hmmmm...

Hee hee... obviously that’s when we started our Youtube Channel: Peachy-Boo!

This week our video highlights one of these amazing moments. On one of our epic adventures we came across a TINY, coin-operated carousel. Our eyes locked and Boo reached for her change purse. Looking back it was the #bestdollarspent.

So join us as we circle around (and around and around and around) and have a laugh. On us.

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