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Dino Maru and the Boxes

You know those times when you’re looking for the perfect words?

There is something coming up, and you have to say words at the thing, about the thing, and just nothing is coming to your mind?

But you want them to be good, the words that is?

The sentimental yet humorous toast, the moving speech, or the memorable eulogy?

Well, that’s the current brain state of your author. You see, she has been tasked to write the most intriguing introduction for this week’s Peachy-Boo video.

And she’s having a hard time. You know why? It’s just so darn good!! The video that is.

She wants the words to be just right, powerful enough to lift the corners of your beautiful mouth even before you watch it.

All her normal techniques to allow the words to flow haven’t helped. She slept on it. She walked on it. She EVEN cleaned the kitchen. And nothing yet.

So we’ve decided to run with that... hence this email.

Sometimes, there just are no words.

Maybe these few nondescript sentences have piqued your interest. Maybe you’re ready to click through and check it out?

If you’re feeling ready, click here.

We can tell you that when Peachy saw this video for the first time after Boo edited it, she (Peachy) almost died laughing. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come up a eulogy for her yet.

We can also share that we boldly think we’ve bested the internet.

If you’re needing a bigger reason, you might be waiting a long time, so we’d advise taking a leap and clicking here.

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