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Peachy-Boo takes a Tropical Hiatus

Over the years of their friendship, Peachy has learned that when Boo asks her to do something, it's best she says, "Yes!" She doesn't feel threatened, or afraid to let her down. She just knows that it's gonna be tons of fun. 

Peachy-Boo just came back from their biggest adventure yet. It involved a boat, 5 tropical locations, and 5,000 of their closest friends. It was a Caribbean Cruise! Here are some pictures and catchy captions of our adventures. 

We dressed as ghosts to stay dry in a tropical rainfall: 

Staying dry was impossible, so we found an old friend: 

The old friend turned out to be hungry so we escaped on a golf cart... the house of another old friend: 

We found other places to get wet:

And other places to get dry:

We got hungry ourselves: 

And ate with an old friend: 

We tried to blend into our surroundings: 

And we were happy to be on the living side of some surroundings:

We were on a boat: 

Traveling with people is always a test. We both passed, and are planning more upcoming travel adventures!

More videos coming soon! You'll be the first to know. 

Love and Coconuts, 


(Tonia and Naomi)

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