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We love a good earworm!

Wanna know our most thought about song? We don’t mean as a human collective. We mean as a Peachy or a Boo (or a Peachy-Boo)!

Our top dawg, number 1, most thought about shanty is... of course... our theme song!!

You know that cute little diddy that plays at the beginning and end of all our videos?

Come on in, the water’s fine! We could all use a little more time To laugh at the SILLY things we do.

When your stars feel out of line, Kick back, relax and grab a box of wine,

I’m here, darling, Day or night for You.

It’s all Peachy-Boo.

Ringing any bells?

Those lyrics and the cute little piece came from our Joey Clarkson. You should definitely check her out.

But first, we want to share another melody that will get in your head and not come out no matter how many times you sing it, no matter how hard you try NOT to sing it, and no matter how mad you’re making the people around you by singing it.

It’s a tune that’s quite popular among the youths these days. It’s a song that Peachy has been singing since she was shipped off to summer camp many suns ago. It was only right that we would recreate it now as Peachy-Boo.

Complete with (still wet) cardboard figures, and several costume and prop changes, we invite you to watch our latest video:

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