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Dino Suit Unboxing Surprise

“One day I’m just going to show up at your house with two dino suits,” Boo said to Peachy about a year ago.

A couple months later at a December party at Peachy’s house, Boo made her (Peachy) leave the room while she (Boo) told the rest of the guests what was on it’s way from China. It was FOMO at it’s worst. There she (Peachy) was in the bedroom frowning at her self in the mirror and everyone was laughing out in the dining room. Sad peach.

But also kinda excited peach. MYSTERY PACKAGE! Peachy had her suspicions, as we’re sure you do as well.

Then came the waiting. And the waiting. And the wondering.

At one point, Peachy asked her giant, “Is the thing that’s coming from China the T-rex suits?” Her giant scoffed, “Huh? What? No. Pfff.”

The good thing about that moment was (reflecting back) that Peachy now knows what her husband’s lie tell is.

More waiting and wondering. And finally, it arrived.

It’s here!!

And so this week’s video is a culmination of all the anticipation, questioning, lying, and wondering. It’s the moment when we open the package for the first time, set in a tiny Japanese restaurant, and we hope the irony of that just landed for you as it just did for us.

Will Godzilla take over the fine Sushi establishment? Will Peachy and Boo birth their alter egos? Will it actually be the thing? Will the threat come to pass?

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