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Epic Day of Child-like FUN

Ever wonder what it would be like to just play all day long? As an adult? Well... leave it to Peachy-Boo to run that exact experiment on your behalf. And thankfully for you we caught it all on video.

We decided to do three EPIC things all in one day to create the EPIC DAY OF CHILDLIKE FUN. You may be thinking, "Who's bright idea was this?" It's hard to say. Our ideas are so blendy and we're (generally) both so amenable to whatever the other has come up with. 

After signing the first of many waivers that day, we got locked in a room, under the premise that we had eaten magical berries, got lost, and needed to find our way back to base camp (aka solving the puzzles and unlocking the door.) Huh? We did an escape room. Because we're trendy like that. 

The next epic destination (and waiver signing) involved covered springs, stretchy tarps, and special socks. Hee, hee... we'll let you watch the video to find out what event number 2 was. Keep your eyes peeled for the guy walking up walls. Seriously. 

Finally, we signed the third waiver, adorned balaclavas, helmets, came up with catchy race names, and went go-carting. 

Get your butt over there to watch this week's video. In it we share all our data and extremely scientific results of our EPIC DAY OF CHILDLIKE WAIVERS... we mean FUN! 

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