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It always starts with Vocabulary!

Remember back in school when you'd start a new unit in social studies and you'd always start with vocabulary? Before you really dove into the chapter you had to have a frame of reference. And that's what this email is about. Don't worry, we promise it'll be more fun than school!

Let's go through some terms you'll be coming across now that you're hanging out in our Peachy-Boo orchard. 

Peachy-Boo - a bestie duo that haven't stopped laughing since they met. There are thousands of pictures proving this. Essentially, these two crazy cats are here to make you smile and laugh doing what they do best: getting up to silly antics and catching it all on film.

#UpYourHappy - this is our FAVOURITE (yep, we're Canadian), hashtag because that's our ultimate goal: maximizing your happiness. Peachy - Much to Tonia's dismay, Naomi called shotgun on the name Boo. 

Boo - Naomi. Sigh. 

Dino Girls - our alter egos. We've been known to prance around in inflatable T-Rex costumes in public places. This is a massive segment on our YouTube Channel.  

Bestness - just like we enjoy making up stuff we also like making up words. This portmanteau is a combo of BESTIES and BUSINESS (BEST + NESS = BESTNESS). When we get together to hash out goofy video ideas we call it a Bestness Meeting. Reminder: we're trying to have as much fun as possible. At. All. Times. 

That brings us peachily to the video we want to share with you this week (we'll be falling from our tree into your inbox basket every Friday with a new video).

This is our first bestness meeting. We might as well start from the beginning! In it you'll see: 

  • Inside the plans for world domination.

  • Our first creative fight. Caught on film! Oh the drama!

  • What this wacky idea is really all about. 

  • Why we're over caring what people think. 

  • Some insight into the weird things that you'll be seeing on our channel. (The internet apparently loves weird, and we're here to deliver!) 

  • Three useful video filming tricks, straight out of a book!

  • The first ever Peachy-Boo handshake. Memorize it. Do it with your friends.

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