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Peachy-Boo goes to the Filberg Festival

Don't you love traditions? We're not crazy about the staunchy kinds but we do love the fun and giggly ones!

One of our favourite yearly traditions (we have a lot) is going to an art and music festival called FILBERG. We've gone now for three years in a row. We documented this year's festivities and turned them into a vlog style video.

In it you'll see: 

  • some stellar dance moves from us and other rad peeps

  • a lesson in listening (did you know crap and crafts sound similar?)

  • a very strategic hiding place during a game of Hide and Go Seek that we played with a beautiful Fairy. 

  • semi-awkward horn playing and horn juggling by a really cool sculptor

  • how we like to maul our friends when we run into them

  • us bobbin' and singin' along to a lovely little musical interlude by our fave indie folk band

  • why people are funny about unicorn backpacks

  • a solid strategy for getting a ride home from festival involving donuts, thumbs, and legs!

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